What I Eat in a Day and Why..?

This post is going through everything I ate on a random day and just explaining why I am making these choices. This style of post will be a regular item on my blog as I hope that you will be able to take from them all sorts..from recipe ideas, to real life ways of balancing out a way of life that is healthy but maintainable (ie. Includes plenty of choccie and the odd glass of wine), also see the type of pre-work out and post-workout meals I eat and how I eat for modelling also!

So I'll just be snapping my meals throughout a day and explain in a little more detail on here! Watch out for 'What I eat in a Day' Vlogs coming soon also to my youtube channel.

That's enough chit chat, let's get started..!

This was a Monday and I was just working from home, so not too active on this particular day. I woke up feeling rather heavy from whatever we had eaten the night before (most likely cheese, bread and choccie!) I had planned to hit the gym first in the morning before beginning any work, this was last week and I had only just began getting back into the gym after quite a break from the gym over the Christmas period.

I CANNOT workout without something in my tummy first, but like I mentioned I woke up feeling really heavy from the night before and I don't like to eat if I'm not actually hungry. This is a really helpful tip, try to always really listen to your body, ask yourself, 'am I actually hungry?', 'What do I really feel like?' 'How big a portion do I need dependant on my hunger levels?' I find it really easy to fall into a patten of having the same big breakfast every morning and sometimes will wake up and go into automatic mode without actually stopping first and seeing if I need that big portion for breakfast!

Top Tip: “Don't settle into auto mode – stop, feel, think...am I hungry? (if not, just wait and eat a little later on. It's Okay!!)”


So, this was the small breaky.. just enough for me not to feel sick at the gym but not really a proper meal (more a snack).

This was 100% Rye bread with cashew butter and half a banana. I also had a black coffee on the side. I also drank a litre of water before going to the gym.

By the time I had faffed around and slowly got back in to the gym routine, when I got back home it was already lunch time so I had my post-workout meal as my lunch.

Normally, my lunches will be based around left overs. I am a HUGE advocate of leftovers..Karim and I normally always make a big portion of whatever we are having for dinner and then box it up for lunches in the week or for dinner the next night. We NEVER throw things away. Also this is great to take to work with you, it saves money AND helps you stay on track with eating healthily.

Top Tip: “Make big portions when you have the time to cook, for example when making dinner, then box up for lunches and future dinners throughout the week!!”

So for left-overs I had a chunk of frittata, which is a big thick omelette basically. I make mine with loads of veggies. In this one there were peppers, loads of onions, peas and potato. It's great as you can make a huge portion and then keep it in the fridge and have it throughout the week....and the best things is it tastes better the day after!! Look out for this recipe soon.

 I had this with some smoked salmon which we buy in bulk which makes it SO much cheaper. I also had a small sweet potato for some extra carbohydrates. I cut it into small chunks and roasted it with salt, pepper and olive oil. Then of course I had a mountain of spinach as well as it's my favourite vegetable. I like to ensure I'm getting plenty of veggies in and as on this particular day I did not start off with any vegetables for breakfast I need to make up for this at lunch and ensure I was getting a wide range of colours on my plate which ensures for a wide variety of micronutrients.


This meal was nice and rounded for a post workout meal and for a generally well balanced meal. The two things I am always considering in my head when making decisions for meals and recipes is what will be providing my protein in this dish or snack and what vegetables or fruits am I consuming which are going to give me my micronutrients (important vitamins and minerals). Once I have considered these two things I fill the gaps by considering a healthy fat source and carbohydrates (which I have normally already decided on as they will be coming from my veggie or fruit source).

Eggs and salmon were the protein and then the eggs, salmon and the extra virgin olive oil I dressed the salad with were all my healthy sources of fat. I choose to eat a relatively high level of fats in most meals and snacks as personally my body feels really good when I do this and I work well with them. But this is completely personal and down to you to find what works best for you! Really though I balance out the carbs, proteins and fats pretty evenly in most meals and I normally tweak them intuitively based on how I'm feeling or what activity I have done or am going to do.

Okay...then we move on to the afternoon and I begin to feel a little snacky. I went for chocolate...a common occurrence! This time it was the Doisy & Dam organic dark chocolate in the Vanilla, Maca and Cacao Nib flavour, available from their website here, http://doisyanddam.com/products/maca-vanilla-cacao-nibs.

I like having things like really dark chocolate or a spoon of nut butter as snacks as I feel they really satisfy my hunger pang if I'm just a little bit peckish, if I am hungrier I would go for a more substantial snack with a little more nutritional value, for example raw veggies or fruits and nuts.

Top Tip: “Base your snacks on how you're feeling, sometimes a little bite can suffice, but if you're hungry...eat!! Try to have something fibrous and filling, like raw veggies or fruits. Don't deprive yourself though as you will binge at the next meal!”

...I was indeed still a little peckish later on so tucked into a chopped up apple and drizzled it with more cashew butter!! This stuff is INSANE!


On this particular evening Karim and I were home together, and there's nothing we like more than cooking together! But at the same time we are often pretty tired if it's mid week so we want, super tasty, really quick and cheap food! So the answer to this is.......PASTA!! We had prawn linguine with red peppers and spinach. Prawns are normally quite pricey, however, luckily on this particular night Karim bought them back from the restaurant. We normally go for really cheap veggie sauces in the week, but this was a pleasant addition and made the dish more balanced, as the prawns provide a low fat high protein source for the dish. We always drizzle the final product with a really good quality extra virgin olive oil which will be our healthy fat source.



Tip Tip: “Pasta can be part of a healthy, balanced delicious lifestyle!...just choose the sauces and other ingredients wisely and practise portion control.”

There we go! I hope you enjoyed reading what I eat in a day and why... sorry these posts become very lengthy. These will be a regular occurrence and I'll be sure to show you varying days, what I'm eating when I'm very busy as well as when I'm eating out at restaurants. There will also be 'What I Eat in a Day' Vlogs coming soon to my youtube channel.

I'm not here to say this is what you SHOULD be eating, just sharing some ideas and inspiration, and just want to show you that food can be delicious, filling, enjoyable, varied, inclusive of carbs, inclusive of fats, all the things you love AND still be healthy..


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