I'm Back...

I'm back...! Finally...!!!

A lot of time and commitment needs to be given to producing good quality and interesting content, unfortunately, recently I have been lacking time and my main job as a model had to take centre stage. So I've decided to take it steadier with the blog, I want to ensure that what I do have the time to write and publish is of the highest quality and not posted just for the sake of it. I'm going to take it right back down to most likely only one post a week, (hopefully). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the Working On.. series which I had most recently been posting about. I think at this time series are a little too hard to keep up with to ensure it's easy to follow and interesting for you as a reader. Sorry these posts ended a little abruptly, I have left them up still as I think they do still have some really useful transferable pieces of information.

I have started to endeavour into the world of Youtube though and have found that taking the camera around with me is easier to capture things as they happen. I hope to use the youtube channel to also bring useful tips I have for leading a healthier, happier life. I like the fact that it  is less polished platform too as I want to show the real sides of life. Also, it's so so much easier to give you food inspiration on there, I can quickly show meal ideas and Karim is going to feature plenty to give helpful technical tips when it comes to cooking (he's a chef in case you didn't know)

So... hopefully one blog post and one video a week, in a relaxed way with not too many restrictions will allow me to make helpful interesting content, and hopefully will be enough for you to enjoy reading and watching as I go!

Thank you for reading... speak soon xx