Top Five Podcasts for June

I don't know about you but I'm a big fan of the podcast world. I remember I had never really known podcasts existed until about a year ago or never knew about the huge banks of knowledge that are accessible completely for free! 

Rather than just sharing with you my favourite Podcast channels I want to regularly share with you the exact episodes I have listened to and enjoyed. So you can go direct to them and hopefully gain as much from them as I have. They will normally cover a multitude of things as I definitely listen to a variety, but, a lot may be nutrition or food related as I love a good nerd out on these topics.  I also love a good TedTalks, so some may go a little deep, but I'll be sure to throw in a few more light hearted ones along the way!

So here's the first list of a few I've really enjoyed throughout June and a couple of my old favourites, which I really wanted to share. 

1. Sigma Nutrition - #7 Finding happiness, letting go and building a better life with Sarah Doyle

2. Ben Coomber Radio - #264 Women, get STRONG & Resilient with Aldine Preisner

    3. Ted Talks - How to see past your own perspective and see the truth- Michael Patrick Lynch

    4. Ted Talks - what makes life worth living in the face of death- Lucy Kalanithi

    5. At home with.. By Lily Pebbles & Anna Gardener -  Georgia Cleeve – Founder of Oskia Skincare

    Grab  a cuppa tea and enjoy one of these this afternoon!