Addition not subtraction..


How can we make our day to day lives a little healthier one step at a time? With SO SO many ideas of health and well-being flying around now it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start when you look at your life and your own nutrition/fitness.. (or lack of :/). It is really amazing how much education and information is available to us now and how many people are sharing their wisdom to help people! I couldn't praise and thank them all enough!.. But to your average Joe (a.k.a. To me) it can be daunting and we can be left feeling like a complete overhaul is the only answer!?

This post isn't my offering of a diet plan or a complete radicalisation of your diet or lifestyle, it's just a little mindset tip which I have personally been thinking about a lot and trying to practise myself and I think it's a really nice place to begin if you're on a mission to start making some changes to be the healthiest, and happiest version of yourself.

So, we're often told DON'T eat this, DON'T do that, TAKE OUT that from your diet, DON'T think those thoughts.... this is what I call 'Subtractive language' we always focus on how many 'bad' things we are doing or how many things we need to change. But it is really really hard to just flip certain things we do from the negative into a positive. It can become a very negative and bleak outlook when we think about all the things we have to subtract from our lives. When you speak to a child you're advised not to use negative language and to try and say things with a positive outlook. We need to use this same method of teaching when we speak to ourselves. Let's speak to our inner child and help the brain process change by using the positive!!

So, let's flip these thought processes and begin with something our mind loves to hear!!....'Additional language' rather than feeling like you have to conquer the world in one go lets remember the good old saying 'every little helps' it couldn't be more true and fitting as when it comes to your health and happiness and an all round more positive outlook.

Basically, we just want to think of one thing we are going to ADD. So if you're thinking in terms of cleaning up your diet then maybe you would decide to add one avocado a week to what you're already eating. Or a little further than that you would add one extra portion of veg at every meal. So breakfast might become eggs on toast with a side of spinach instead of just toast.

Or you could say I'm going to add one hour of walking/jogging a week and see how I get on. Or you can add ten minutes every evening to reflect on your day and write down 3 positive things that happened.

So why not give it a go, rather then feeling overwhelmed with maybe how many things you have to take out of your diet or to stop doing in everyday life let's stop and just begin with something simple we can add. Over time we will use this positive way of thinking and feel empowered by our ability and success at 'adding' some new positive and healthy habits.


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