Healthy Pre-packaged Snacks!

It can be hard when you're trying to be healthy or, if you're like me and you're a 'snacker' (technical term) and you leave the house with NO pre-prepared snacks. So you're peckish, you're on the run into a supermarket, or you remember there's a fairly healthy shop just around the corner. You get to the aisle, look up and see hundreds of options!!? You know that there's some products on the market that like to disguise themselves as 'healthy' or 'nutritionally balanced' but are actually laden with sugar, additives and are NEVER going to satisfy you. Or.....on the other hand you just fancy something saltier/more savoury to snack on but the only on-the-go thing you can think of is a packet of crisps! 

Well I'm here to help! I have for many years tried and tested various health food snacks and I now know my top go-to picks, I know the ingredients, I know they are well made, balanced, will ease my hunger pangs sufficiently, they taste GREAT and they can be easily found!!! 

So here's the line on the images to go direct to websites you can also purchase these products from if you are often stuck for healthy snack ideas and pre-packaged options are helpful and more realistic for you! 


  • First up it's the natural, sweet snacks with very minimal ingredients...

1. Nakd Bars - These are now stocked in pretty much every, supermarket/petrol station/off licence, you name it! So easy to find, and very natural ingredients, you know you're not sacrificing anything with this snack.   Favourite Flavour: Bake-well Tart or Cashew Cookie (easier to find in general supermarkets)

2. Deliciously Ella Energy Balls -  These are pretty new to the market  but Ella has been incredible at getting them stocked in some pretty big retailers very quickly. So they are quickly becoming very easily accessible too, and I love the consistency. Favourite Flavour: Ginger & Cashew (quite hot on the ginger but I love them!!) (Now stocked in Waitrose and Starbucks!!!) 

3. Primal Pantry Bars - These have always been a little harder to find, normally only from specialised health food stores, but, recently I have noticed them at the till of pretty much every Tesco!! Hurray! Favourite Flavour: Coconut & Macadamia Nut

3. Pulsin Raw Bars - These again are a little harder to come across in big mainstream stores, but they are often stocked in random corner shops or off licences. So if you spot them, know that they are really good quality, healthy, balanced products! Favourite Flavour: Peanut Butter Chocolate (of course!)

  • Protein Snacks - Still sweet, but providing a little more protein=more satiety=less hungry as quickly=amazing where do I sign up!? 

But with these added benefits does come extra ingredients, these next products are still reasonable when it comes to added sugars or unnecessary additives but bare in mind there is a longer list of ingredients and they aren't products you should be eating in stead of nutritious whole food meals but they are great in a moment of hunger and these are some of the best on the market for most natural but still tasty in my opinion!! Personally I find whey protein doesn't sit well with me, and there are lots of products on the market which contain this, so I have only included one here and the other two are actually vegan sources of protein. (Please be aware though I am not saying you must eat vegan protein products to be healthy, these are just my favourites and easy to find!!)

1. Pulsin Protein Snack - These are SO good, I love the consistency and they are gentle on my tummy as they use a plant based protein. Favourite Flavour: Vanilla Choc Chip

2. Trek Protein Flapjack - These are equally as good, and actually really easy to come by in most run of the mill supermarkets (sometimes they are kept in the 'free-from' section so have a look there!) Favourite Flavour: Chocolate Flapjack

3.  Bounce Energy Balls - These are now also stocked in load of places, often near the till which is so positive. The consistency is not for every one, but they are REALLY satisfying as they have whey protein in them.  Favourite Flavour: Almond or Coconut & Macadamia

  • But maybe only salty savoury snacks are going to satisfy that hunger pang.....look no further!

1. Crudités and dip! - carrots and hummus would be my number one choice for a savoury, healthy snack on the go! This one is from Waitrose but practically every super market stock these now!  

2. Egg pot - This one is Pret's offering of the Egg Pot but again, lots of supermarkets also stock these! They are FANTASTIC at reducing hunger quickly and for a long time as they are high in protein and healthy fats. 

3. Propercorn's Lightly Sea Salted - They now have so many flavours, but if you want the purest, least ingredient option then it's their salty popcorn, and it's perfect for the salty-crunchy cravings which you previous thought could only be satisfying my Walkers!!