How To Get Motivation Back..

February is already well under way and I don't know about you but towards the end of January I really started loosing all motivation when it came to fitness. I was becoming busier in work life and 'Oh I'll go to the gym tomorrow..' became the daily slogan.

This was fine for a couple of weeks, as luckily my job as a model means I'm often walking across London or standing for considerable periods of time. Also, I love to eat healthily, therefore the food side of things for me is a little easier to keep in check. Because of this the fitness stalemate didn't effect me that considerably for a couple of weeks. However, my birthday is at the end of January which meant days off from my active day to day life (aka lots of sitting on my back side!) and of course, increased doses of chocolate, prosecco and cake! (But if you can't on your birthday then when can you!?).

I really really enjoyed my birthday, and I am always very concious of not letting any negative thoughts come into play, such as 'you ate all that cake yesterday, you MUST go and slave away in the gym tomorrow!' This is NOT the way to deal with your lack of motivation or lack of exercise you've been able to do.. If you have also fallen off the wagon slightly towards the end of January and your new years resolutions seem like unreachable goals my first bit of advice is SO SO important...

1. Check you are using the right internal dialogue before taking one step further!

Using exercise as a punishment for the time that you have taken off from it is NOT the right way to be getting back into it. This frame of mind will only increase the chances of you failing to stick at it, as punishment can only ever register as a negative thing in your mind. It becomes a vicious cycle, of exercising to make up for previous bad choices, then stopping again as you're in a negative state of mind. You can't begin to build a healthy relationship of incorporating exercise into your routine if its built on the foundation of punishment or payback. Instead remember all the positive reasons you want to  exercise. For example, exercise because you love your body and you are grateful for it carrying you around so well, you want to make it strong and healthy so it can always be there for you. 

2. Increase your water intake!

This is a great place to start and something I always do if I've had a few days of indulgence or am not feeling at my tip top! Upping your water intake to 2-4 litres throughout the day will help make you feel more energised, healthier, a possible decrease in appetite and just a sensation of cleansing. All this without even putting your trainers on!

3. Start back slow.... walking can be good enough!

You don't have to go from zero to hero when you're just getting back to it! No one wants to be faced with a week of limping to work, or needing help getting out of your seat from such severe post workout muscle soreness! Don't get me wrong I love the feeling that my muscles have been working really hard after a great session, but I know if I do the most brutal session as my first back at it after some time, there is no way I am getting back into a pattern and the next time ago will be delayed due to a stiff bod! So start back slower, just try a 30 minute session, or even a half hour walk on your lunch break! Walking is a great way to just get your body moving again..! Check out my previous post all about the amazing benefits of walking here!

4. Focus on the things you are doing well, things that come easily to you and do them to the best of you ability!

For me it's the nutrition side of things, I love eating a diet FULL of veggies and Karim (my boyfriend) and I love cooking things from scratch so this side of things is easier for me to keep in check. So maybe you love to have a nice healthy breakfast or loads of veggies at lunch, if you find that easy then do it to the best of your ability. Have a super balanced breaky full of greens and proteins, at least then you know you are getting some vital macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in and even if you're struggling with a few other areas you know you've done something that day for your overall health and wellness.

5. Utilise classes! At chain gyms such as Pure Gym, or spend a little extra money on a one off class.

I am a member of Pure Gym, which is a really good chain of cheap-n-cheerful gyms, but they are fully kitted with everything you need and the best thing is they have a full weekly timetable of all different classes which are of no additional cost! So if you are part of a gym I would suggest to utilise these classes, they are GREAT for when you have just lost your motivation and you're trying to get back into the swing of things!

My top tip: Try as many of the classes as you can, they can sometimes be a little hit and miss at these gyms as unfortunately some trainers just give off the 'I really don't want to be here' vibe which definitely doesn't help if you are already feeling a little demotivated. Don't be put off though, try the class again but with a different trainer, or at a different time of the day and see how the vibe changes!!

Or if you don't have a gym, possibly consider purchasing a one off class at a more high end or functional gym, these are often VERY pricey (your talking around £20 for one class) but, it can be really worth it, you only have to pay for one and this could be the key to kick-starting your motivation again!

6. Use at home workouts – bands, sliders, Youtube.

This is great, especially in's cold, dark, your motivation has completely diminished, leaving the house after work is the LAST thing you want to do...I hear you, loud and clear!! Why not try some home workouts?! I love this option, there's SO much you can do even with a small space. And now with the world of Youtube just at our finger tips it's even easier than ever. I like to do, pilates videos or plyometrics to get a really sweat on (not great if you live above other people as requires lots of jumping!) If you really like the home work out set up, then why not look at investing in a couple of cheap pieces of equipment to help you out. See below the ones I use and love! (Click on the image to purchase)

7. Last but not least, remember that whether you are going to the gym or not this does not determine your worth as a person. Do not use this a measure of how 'good' or 'successful' you are being.