Working On...Falling In Love With Exercise Again! Part 2. How To Create The Plan to Reach your Goal..!

Practical Goal setting and some extra tops tips to consider when planing the way to the goal...!!

So we all know how to set goals, and we also all know far too well how easy it is to not reach them and they just become more of a dream than an accomplish-able goal. This is more often than not because we don't create the stepping stones to get to the goal, we just have the final point decided.

The first step is to decide on your goal, see mine here! Then, you need to ask yourself what your why is.... This ended up being a pretty hefty topic in itself so, find out alllllll about it here!

So we have our end goal, and we have our why to keep us motivated throughout the journey, but really we are lacking the practical steps we are going to take to get to the end. And we also need something to measure if we are being successful. We need to do a little bit every day and this way the process is a lot easier, and we don't end up feeling demotivated or defeated by no results or markers to show just how well we are doing...!

First step – define the goal and a (flexible) date of completion and write it down!! Try to make it as precise as possible, put detail into the goal.

Second step – setting 'mini goals' throughout the time period = times to have mini celebrations along the way!

Third step – Set the tasks... every day tasks to complete to bridge you to your 'mini goals'. What are you doing every day to get you nearer your goals? Helps keep you motivated and accountable. They should be small and easy to complete.

They are the main three steps in the goal setting template. I will be expanding on these in more details and providing examples over on my Youtube Channel, head over there and hit the subscribe button so you don't miss out. Now here are some extra tips and tricks to help us through the goal setting process.

Top Tip No. 1 – are these realistic??? Every time you set a goal, mini goal or a task ask yourself honestly on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not at all and 10 being hell yes I will definitely do that!) will you realistically do this, is it easy for you to fit into your life? Is there something you need to change slightly in your life to ensure you're nearer to a 10 on this scale?

Top Tip No. 2 – Write them all down!!! Having this plan written out will be so so beneficial! Firstly, you're going to remember what you have said you're going to do each day! And secondly, it's a super easy source of motivation for you, have it sat out the whole time you're working towards your goals in clear view so you're always reminded.

Top Tip No. 3 – Envisioning your future self. This one might not be for everyone but for me it is SUCH a powerful tool. If you've enjoyed the writing down process so far then grab the pen and paper again and write down the person you will be when you have accomplished your goal. Who will that person look like, what will they feel like, what will they be doing then? Really try to sit in these thoughts and imagine yourself as the person post accomplishing your goal.

Top Tip No. 4 – Tell people what you're doing! Another great way to hold yourself accountable, tell your nearest and dearest around you what you plan to achieve. Your loved ones should help and support you though this process. If you don't feel you're in the position where this would help or you don't think some people close to you will understand the importance of your goal then there are many other communities which can support you. Possibly start an instagram account/blog or, find a group which relates to your goals.

Top Tip No. 5 – Consider some external factors. What other areas of your life might you have to consider which could hinder you in the process, and also look at the areas you also need to possibly tweak to help make your goals happen.

Top Tip No. 6 – ARE YOU ENJOYING THE PROCESS? All the above is only going to work if it is making you happy, and you are finding enjoyment in elements of the process. Of course, there might be some parts which are hard, as you are testing yourself and trying to make/create new patterns. But really you need to ask yourself what your overriding emotion is when you think about the whole process not just when you think about the end goal. Create the process in a way which makes you happy and caters to your personality. Know yourself.

So there we have it, the practical goal setting process which I'll be using in the Working On...series. This post is actually a two parter as I briefly mentioned above...! The second part where I discuss these steps in relation to my goal, 'Working On...Falling In Love With Exercise Again' will be in video form over on the Youtube Channel!!

Keep your eyes peeled for that as it will be up very soon!! (Hit the subscribe button below if you want a reminder for the new content in this series!)