How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

As you may have seen across my other social media platforms I have been working abroad for 10 days in Paris modelling in palmer//harding 's showrooms. I had such a fabulous time working with such a lovely team, and all the showrooms were very successful!

plamer//harding Showroom

During this time, I didn't always have the freedom to choose and cook my own meals, they were very kind to supply me with food and I did have an input some evenings on dinner, as I love to cook and took the lead in making dinner for the whole team! Throughout the week I realised that I have a few steps I implement before travelling and during, whether its for work or pleasure, just to ensure I am feeling my best and healthiest. It is very very easy to become ill, rundown or tired when you're in a new environment and even more so when you are working hard and moving to other people's rhythm. So I thought this is a great time to share the things I do, with you as they are all fresh in my mind.

  1. Up your water intake!!

    Sometimes I feel like this one pops up in every post because it really is the cure for everything. When travelling, our bodies become more dehydrated so it is essential to drink more. Also when you change your eating patterns it can sometimes cause tummy problems, upping you water intake will keep everything moving. Also if you are not getting as much sleep during your trip than is ideal, drinking more water will help make you and your body feel awake.

    Top Tip: Buy a litre water bottle or a reusable bottle and keep this with you the whole trip, keep it filled and then you can accurately measure how much you are drinking and keep yourself accountable.

  2. Think veggies, veggies, veggies..!

    When I go away every time I eat a meal I'm thinking 'what veggies am I consuming?' if you put this to the forefront of your mind and try to ensure you are eating them whenever you can this will be super good at ensuring you stay healthy, you will be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. Often we can be thinking about how much protein we are getting and will be hunting that out. This is still really important but if you are not doing any heavy workouts while you are away or not going to be particularly active then you don't necessarily need to go hunting out protein sources. It is going to be much more beneficial to hunt out the veggies.

Top tip: if you are able to have breakfast wherever you are staying, try to get some avocados for the week and start the days with avocado on toast. Or at lunch suggest raw veggies and dip as a side dish. Or if you are eating out more, try looking a the side options, and order two veggie options for the table! Hunt those veggies out....

  1. Take some of you favourite healthy snacks with you.

    I choose to arrive at my destination a little prepared too, this is slightly down to my irrationally fear of being hungry.....! But to be honest it is more about always wanting to choose healthy options, but I know that they may not always be food provided for the times that I normally get a little peckish. Therefore I take a selection of healthy pre-packaged treats. Here is a post all about my  top pre-packaged picks and some that I took with me to Paris, Link Here.

  2. Try to get the best of the sleep you can get whenever you can.

    Staying on track and making healthier choices can be hard enough let a known when you mix in lack of sleep. When your body is tired you are more likely to reach for the unhealthier options, you'll be craving high calorie foods as your body is searching for the energy from some where. So try to take yourself to bed as early as possible, and sleep for the longest time you can possible.

  3. Move your body when you can, on breaks in the work day or run through the city in the morning/evenings..

    I am not a natural born runner but recently I have been trying to get better at it, one of my favourite times to put on the running shoes is when I'm visiting a new city whether that is for work or pleasure. It's a great way to feel healthy and active but also to see some of the sites in a new city! Or, I also take some resistance bands and gliders with me which I can use anywhere to do some resistance work and lots of other exercises in a small space, these are a great investment if you travel a lot for work.


Be adaptable..

Just because you aren't eating the exact same thing as you normally have for breakfast, it does not mean it is unhealthy. For example you say always have eggs, but they only offer cereal, or yoghurt. Just be adaptable look for the healthiest balanced option available to you, some yoghurt with fruit and honey is STILL healthy, even though when you are at home you may not choose to have it every day.

  1. Enjoy the foods of the area you are visiting but in moderation.

    It is OKAY to have some things that you don't normally eat, it is only for a short period of time and this is a once in a lifetime experience, wherever you are, with the people you're with in that exact moment won't ever happen again, embrace it!! Unless, you do travel very very frequently then saying yes to the croissants every morning may not be the best idea. Try to look at the trip as a whole or the time during travel as a whole. If you have a dinner out one night and eat three course, enjoy EVERY SINGLE BITE OF THEM!! PLEASE DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Then maybe, the next morning you will have a lighter breakfast with some water and lemon. Just listen to your body, look at the travel time as a whole when balancing things out and don't go in there with a scared restrictive mindset as the chances are you will come up against being offered some goodies somewhere along the way. Enjoy your time away whether it's for work or pleasure, and let the food be a part of the experience!!