La Roche-Posay Effclar Duo[+] Review

Product Review

This product has been in my routine for 2-3 years now and I can't see it leaving any time soon!! (I feel like I've said this about every product I have reviewed so far on here, but just wanted to start with my favourite products of all time and the ones I use daily as I want to provide you with the best reviews of products I actually know really well and actually put on my skin!

To give you a bit of background I suffered from acne when I was a teenager and now have a fairly oily t-zone but normal skin everywhere else. I often suffer from some hormonal bouts of acne still now or when I'm busy with lots of modelling jobs the excessive use of make-up does leave me with breakouts on the regular. When I was suffering severely I probably used every topical spot treatment under the sun, a lot of them can be really harsh and drying to the skin, or they work for a short time and then your skin becomes adjusted and you see no benefit after a few weeks. Or, on the other hand, they just don't work at all! The main issue with my skin is that it marks quite easily so even after the breakout I can be left with red pigmentation for some time, so finding a reasonably priced product which isn't stripping, blurs red lines and is gentle enough to use daily on all areas of the skin is a pretty tall order.........

Well.......... La Roche-Posay Effclar Duo[+] does just this. I first read about it on a blog (years ago, sorry can't remember who or where :( )  here they advised to use the product as the serum step in your daily routine if you have oily skin or are going through a break-out period. At the time I wasn't buying it as a targeted spot treatment, I just wanted to add a serum step to my routine ( which was still pretty basic back then ) and I didn't want anything too rich as I thought it may block my pores more. So, I bought this product which is so reasonably priced (£15.50) and you can find it in pretty much all pharmacies here in the UK, as it is a French brand. (All pharmacies seem to stock all the main French brands)

After the first evening of using this product the following morning I noticed some blemishes I had were reduced and the redness was blurred.  Not only were blemishes being reduced, for the rest of my skin (as I applied it to all areas) was all looking more refined and slightly resurfaced.

The reason I really rate this product is not only for it's clear signs of blurring marks but also for it's gentleness on the skin, you really can use it as an all-over gel serum, it soaks in quickly and does not cause any dryness or irritation to any areas of the skin. It basically just helps to prevent clogging and break outs!!! It is also great under make-up, I apply it after cleansing and toning but before my moisturiser. It is actually quite moisturising on it's own so if you do have extra oily skin on certain days and don't want to over load it with more products then you could use this just as a moisturiser.

I also wanted to mention that I am aware many dermatologists refer patients to the La Roche-Posay range for continued use after treatments, as the ingredients are the best and least they can be and the whole collection can be used on sensitive skin. This product retails at £15.50, it is so cheap for the really significant effects it has on the skin!!! If you have similar skin to me then this product will really, really help and I couldn't advise you enough to give it a go..

I have also found it on offer at the moment on Feel Unique for just £10.30...!!! (Link below, go go go!)