WE LOVE FOOD!!! I’m sure you might have realised that by now if you’ve had a little flick through our website already...

But we want YOU to love food too, well more importantly to love cooking good, food! Cooking delicious, healthy, easy recipes does NOT have to be hard, laborious, expensive or include tons of ingredients!! It can be, easy, cheap, quick, enjoyable and FUN! Mainly, we are super passionate about food that tastes amazing but is healthy and is conscious about having low impact on the world we live in. We don’t believe in restriction or fad diets, we cook with real, whole food ingredients just as nature intended!!

You will see though that we do both choose to eat a vegetarian diet, with some variations, Annie eats mainly plant-based and Karim eats fish still on the rarity, when he can be assured it has been responsibly sourced (mainly from his own fishing excursions). We believe that eating this way keeps us living in align with our values discussed above! 

We really hope you enjoy these recipes!!!